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Concentrated Extract

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HOGA Spice Set, 贺嘉香料套装
HOGA Spice Set    * Taste good * Healthy * All natural ingredients ..
Ex Tax: MYR84.90
HOGA Bao Ren Powder 30sachets, 贺嘉寶仁散30包装
HOGA Bao Ren Powder is traditionally used to reduce the risk of Angina and promote long term ..
Ex Tax: MYR399.90
HOGA Bao Ren Powder and HOGA Fruit Tea Promo, 贺嘉宝仁散和贺嘉果子茶优惠配套
HOGA  Bao Ren Powder  ( 3 boxes) HOGA Fruit Tea  ( 2 boxes x 10TB ) ..
Ex Tax: MYR1,199.70
HOGA Bao Ren Powder and HOGA Instant Tea Promo, 贺嘉宝仁散和贺嘉即溶沉香茶优惠配套
HOGA  Bao Ren Powder  ( 3 boxes) HOGA Instant Tea  ( 2 boxes x 10stick ) ..
Ex Tax: MYR1,289.60
HOGA Goji Matcha Powder #12, 贺嘉沉香12号果子茶
“HOGA 12 the ultimate Durian Companion!”   Enjoy your Durian with HOG..
Ex Tax: MYR89.90
HOGA Instant Tea (10 sticks per pack), 贺嘉即溶沉香茶(10支装)
HOGA Instant Tea is a highly condensed and supremely potent extract of Gaharu found in the pristi..
Ex Tax: MYR89.90