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Gaharu Chips

Gaharu Chips

Gaharu chip are burnt to product aromatic scent in ancient times especially in Arabic countries. Most Gaharu chip are used as aromatic fragrance or aromatherapy.

The Art of Burning Gaharu Chip..

  1. Just light an end of Gaharu chip with a flame and blow out quickly.
  2. To generate the amount of aroma desired, repeat this step several times.
  3. The volatile compounds rise when burned.

The fragrance is best when the aromatic compounds have had the chance to disperse down into the room.

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HOGA Gaharu Chip, 贺嘉沉香木枝 (per 10 gram)
Actual wood chips may differ from the pictures shown as the wood chips are all natural formation ..
Ex Tax: MYR380.00
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